CompTIA IT Project+ Notes

Domain IV:   Project Closure (5%)

This domain covers the knowledge required to successfully close projects.

4.1 Recognize and explain the value of conducting a comprehensive review process that evaluates the planning, organizing, directing, controlling, execution, and budget phases of the project, identifying both the positive and the negative aspects in a written report.


When projects end, it is important to conduct a review that evaluates various phases of the project. Stakeholders should discuss and document positive and negative aspects of the project in a written report.

It is important for people to learn from the past. When projects near completion, the team should take the time to conduct a comprehensive review of the project.

The project review should evaluate various phases of the project, including planning, organizing, directing, controlling, executing, and budgeting.

When closing projects, it is important to prepare project archives to leave clear and complete documentation of the project.

If projects involve contracts, the contracts must be closed out. Contract files should document formal acceptance and closure of the work done for the project.

People often learn most from their mistakes. In addition to documenting facts on what went right on a project, it is important to document what went wrong to help avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Project teams often document what they learned from projects in a lessons learned report. Future project teams can benefit from reading the lessons learned reports of others. Some organizations require new project managers to review lessons learned from previous projects so that they can learn from past mistakes.

Some projects perform a project audit. The goal of a project audit is a formal review of project progress and results. The main questions addressed in a project audit include:

  1. Did the project achieve the benefits as planned?
  2. Was the work accomplished according to plan?


Take the time to close out projects formally. It will help you and future project teams.


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