Useful TID's

10016871 "Moving the NDPS Manager to another volume and the NDPS Broker to another server"
10100946 "NetStorage Storage Locations"
10100037 "How to reinstall an eDirectory database on OES Linux server"
10055701 "Forcing NDS EDirectory off of Linux"
10019060 "Removing Directory Services from a Server"
10026822 "Manually Removing All Replicas from a Server; DSREPAIR -XK2"
10023339 "DSREPAIR -XK3 How to Use It and Why You Would Use It"
10056671 "What does DSREPAIR -XK3 Actually Do?"
10064117 "Obituary Troubleshooting in eDirectory"
10062149 "Processing stuck obituaries in All DS versions"
10060600 "NDS Health Check Procedures - Cross Platform"
10013126 "Obituary types, flags and stages"
10014282 "Before calling support for Directory Services Issues"
10082137 "Removing an orphaned Inhibit Move obituary using iMonitor"

Check out this updated version of the highly recommended eDirectory Disaster Recovery.


10093361 "Command line options 'or NSSCPT.NLM"
10021287 "Restricting the console broadcasts for Volume Low Warn All Users"
10067853 "What Do I Need to Modify when I Change IP Address"
10022636 "Error: -654 occurs when you try repair time stamps"
10062149 "Processing stuck obituaries in All DS versions"
10027657 "How to use RIGHTS.EXE"
10052959 "Using the bindery Quality of Service (QOS)"
10059981 "Configuring SLP with a SCOPED directory agent (DA)"
10066623 "New version standards for eDirectory 8.6 or greater"
10083622 "How to enable/disable auxiliary class support"
10080373 "LPR Names for NDPS printers using the Novell Gateway"

A very useful reference is Novell Login Script Guide.

To view the latest list of known eDirectory installation issues, see TID 10073723.

For a list of Novell Error Codes see here, Error Codes.

Cool Solutions

Here are just a few Cool Solutions that have caught my attention recently.

Novell ResourcesInstalling and Configuring Samba on Open Enterprise Server 2
Novell ResourcesRemote Management using SSH and X-Forwarding
Novell ResourcesConfiguring OES SP2 with NSS, NCS, and Samba
Novell ResourcesMounting a Windows Share to the Linux File System
Novell ResourcesTroubleshooting Synchronization in Identity Manager Installations
Novell ResourcesBacking Up Trustee Assignments
Novell ResourcesNovell Web Communities Community Toolbar
Novell ResourcesSentinel Installation for Dummies
Novell ResourcesNetWare to OES2 Linux Migration Guide includes specific instructions to ensure proper NSS volume creation under EVMS management and a section on setting up RSYNC.

Document Library

Below is an ever growing collection of technical notes on a variety of subjects that may be of interest.

Open Enterprise Server (SUSE Linux)
Novell ResourcesUpdating OES Linux using Red Carpet

Components of the X.500 Directory

Service Location Protocol (SLP) Notes
Novell ResourcesServices in SLP
Novell ResourcesDifferences Between SLP v1 & SLP v2
Novell ResourcesSLP Components
Novell ResourcesSLP Objects
Novell ResourcesCommunication Between Scopes
Novell ResourcesSLP Parameters Via DHCP
Novell ResourcesSLP Config Files
Novell ResourcesService Filtering
Novell ResourcesMinimise eDirectory traffic due to SLP updates
Novell ResourcesWindows 2000 SLP Modes
Novell ResourcesSLP Proxies
Novell ResourcesSLP Filters

Network Time Protocol Notes
Novell ResourcesNetware time servers
Novell ResourcesNetware time & NTP
Novell ResourcesNetware Time Service (TIMESYNC)
Novell ResourcesWindows Time Service (W32Time)
Novell ResourcesLinux NTP Daemon (ntpd)

eDirectory Design Notes
Novell ResourcesPartitioning & Replication
Novell ResourcesPartitioning Rules
Novell ResourcesExternal References
Novell ResourcesBack Links
Novell ResourcesTree Walking
Novell ResourcesDesign Project Roles
Novell ResourcesDesign Phases
Novell ResourcesNeeds Analysis
Novell ResourcesDesign Tree Structure
Novell ResourcesNaming Standards Documents

eDirectory Troubleshooting Notes
Novell ResourcesIdentify the scope of the problem
Novell ResourcesDetermine the cause of the problem
Novell ResourcesLi't possible solutions to the problem
Novell ResourcesAssess possible solutions
Novell ResourcesImplement a solution
Novell ResourcesVerify that the problem is resolved
Novell ResourcesDocument the resolution to the problem
Novell ResourcesAvoid repeating the problem

Resolving eDirectory Issues Notes
Novell ResourcesUse iMonitor to Resolve eDirectory Issues
Novell ResourcesUse iManager to Resolve eDirectory Issues
Novell ResourcesUse eMBox to Resolve eDirectory Issues
Novell ResourcesUse eMTool to Repair a Database
Novell ResourcesUse DSTRACE to Resolve eDirectory Issues
Novell ResourcesUse DSREPAIR to Resolve eDirectory Issues

eDirectory Background Processes Notes
Novell ResourcesDescribe eDirectory Background Processes
Novell ResourcesTransitive Vector
Novell ResourcesLast Successful Sync
Novell ResourcesMaximum Ring Delta
Novell ResourcesReplica’s Perishable Data Delta
Novell ResourcesDescribe and Analyze the Limber Process
Novell ResourcesDescribe and Analyze the Schema Synchronization Process
Novell ResourcesDescribe and Analyze the External Reference Check Process
Novell ResourcesDescribe and Analyze the Obituary Process
Novell ResourcesDescribe and Analyze the Janitor Process
Novell ResourcesDescribe and Analyze the Purger Process

Perform an eDirectory Health Check

Disaster Planning and Recovery Issues
Novell ResourcesThe importance of Server Documentation
Novell ResourcesDatabase Dump
Novell ResourceseDirectory Backup and Restore eMTool
Novell ResourcesRoll Forward Logs
Novell ResourcesConfigure Backups
Novell ResourcesPerform Backups
Novell ResourcesPerform Restores
Novell ResourcesRestore Database
Novell ResourcesBackup and Restore Tips

Removing eDirectory Notes
Novell ResourcesRemove a Server from the Tree
Novell ResourcesUninstall eDirectory from Linux
Novell ResourcesUninstall eDirectory from Windows

Troubleshooting Communication Issues Notes
Novell ResourcesFiltering
Novell ResourcesIncreasing Ping Packet Size
Novell ResourcesTroubleshoot SLP Communication Issues

Troubleshooting Time Synchronization Issues Notes
Novell ResourcesNTP on Linux
Novell ResourcesNTP on Netware
Novell ResourcesInsane Time
Novell ResourcesHow Time Stamps Are Created
Novell ResourcesHow Synthetic Time Issues Occur
Novell ResourcesHow to Resolve Synthetic Time Issues
' Novell ResourcesDeclaring a New Epoch

Troubleshooting Schema Synchronization Issues Notes

Troubleshoot and Solve Partition and Replica Consistency Issues
Novell ResourcesThe Replica List
Novell ResourcesTransitive Synchronization Process
Novell ResourcesReplica Transition States
Novell ResourcesReceive Updates from the Master Replica
Novell ResourcesSend Updates from a Replica
Novell ResourcesUnknown Objects

Troubleshooting eDirectory Performance Issues Notes
Novell ResourcesIdentify Common High-Utilization Problems
Novell ResourcesCompression Issues
Novell Resources
Novell ResourcesMessage Delivery in the Local Post Office

BorderManager and Firewall Notes
Novell ResourcesTypes of Firewall
Novell ResourcesFirewall Technologies/OSI Model
Novell ResourcesICMP & Dynamic NAT
Novell ResourcesRouting
Novell ResourcesInstallation Parameter Settings
Novell ResourcesConfig & Log Files
Novell ResourcesCommon Filter Examples

CompTIA IT Project+ Notes
Novell ResourcesDomain I: Scope Definition
Novell ResourcesDomain II: Preliminary/Project Planning
Novell ResourcesDomain III: Project Execution
Novell ResourcesDomain IV: Project Closure

Project Team Roles

RSS Feeds

Novell in the News
Novell Press Releases
Novell Open PR Blogs
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Latest Security Patches
Latest Security TIDs
Cool Solutions (all inclusive)
BorderManager Cool Solutions
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Other Stuff

Links to other materials relating to novell or my career todate.

What is a Master Certified Novell Engineer?
Trinity School - Success Story

The latest version of OpenSUSE is now out!

Get your hands on it now by clicking below.

Download OpenSUSE

Useful Downloads

WinMerge is an Open Source differencing and merging tool for Windows. WinMerge can compare both folders and files, presenting differences in a visual text format that is easy to understand and handle. Useful for determining what has changed between project versions, and then merging changes between versions. WinMerge can be used as an external differencing/merging tool or as a standalone application.

MakeSU allows you to create a new user with full object rights to the [Root] object. Assign a new or existing user full rights to any object within the tree.

PKI Certificate Expiry Reporter uses an LDIF file as input and generates a report on key expiry for certificates.

AdRem Free Remote Console is a more secure replacement for RCONSOLE.

LDAP Browser and Editor by Jarek Gawor - powerful and deadly!

Softerra LDAP Browser is a lightweight explorer-like LDAP client.

Handy File Tool is a very fast and simple file manager, which helps you make quick work of file searching, text replacement, and bulk renaming across a range of file formats and attributes.

SwitcherX allows you to work with 2 destops on Windows NT/2k/XP.

RTMonitor is a brilliant monitoring tool for BorderManager written by Victor Kulichkin.

Nagios is an Open Source host, service and network monitoring program, n'w widely accepted as the defacto standard.

JRB Utils are a collection of command line based utilities for managing NetWare, ideally suited to bulk operations.

NDS Magic is a powerful eDirectory query tool that's easy to use.

Trustee.nlm allows you to export and import trustee rights, similar to TRUSTBAR.NLM but with long filename support.

NCPSync is a utility to synchronize eDirectory trees, sub-trees and/or filesystems fast via NCP.

NSSCpt.nlm is a console command for rectifying invalid filenames for Unicode, but it also has useful ATTRIB capabilities that I have found useful for recursively applying/removing file attributes. It's located in the tools\nsstools sub-folder in Novell Support packs.

Webmin is a free, web-based Linux tool that can be used for administering IP routes and other services.

LogCheck parses system logs and generates e-mail reports based on anomalies.

LogSurfer is a simple utility for parsing log files line by line and can allows great flexibility in defining what should happen under various circumstances.

NetTime is a third-party NTP server for Windows.

NDS Snoop can be used to manage and examine your schema. Because it can modify the schema and NDS objects, you need to be careful when using it.

DSRIGHTS can be used to display the effective rights that one object in eDirectory has to another object and to display how those rights were derived.

Schema Compare allows you to easily compare the schema of two servers.

Hidden Object Locator is a valuable tool. It allows you to find objects that have been hidden from your view in the tree, such as a secret container where an unknown user with administrative rights may reside. The instructions for using it can be found here.

Toolbox provides additional netware 'erver console commands that are extremely useful particularly for automating common tasks.

CRON is the essential tool for scheduling commands to execute at specified dates and times, allowing you to automate maintenance tasks.

Trustee Copy copies trustee assignments from one directory structure to another, a really useful tool.

Ethereal is a free protocol analyzer tool that comes highly recommended by many in the industry.

Nessus is an open source tool for scanning your network for vulnerabilities, it is shipped with SUSE Linux. It should be used carefully and only with appropriate authority from system administrators as it can crash systems.

Snort is an intrusion detection system based on attack signatures. Probably the most sophisticated open source tool of its kind available.tool for scanning your network for vulnerabilities, it is shipped with SUSE Linux. It should be used carefully and only with appropriate authority from system administrators as it can crash systems.

Useful Links

Novell related downloads, news, articles and/or discussions can be found at the following sites:

abeNd.org, Novell News for IT Professionals.
Dave's NovellShareware.com, the Internet resource of miscellaneous software for NetWare professional.
DreanLan Network Consulting, offer a range of Novell tools, both free and paid for.
Holger Dopp, software for the Novell community.
The Novell Museum, the virtual archive of Novell memorabilia.
I Want NetWare
Novell Verzamelgids
Wiserlabz Collaborative
Tek-Tips BorderManager Forum
MX Guarddogs free server spam filter service
GroupWiseR Community


As blog mania infects the whole planet, yes there's many a Novell nerd's blog to enjoy:

Bucky's Blog "Thoughts, information and technical insights from a Network Engineer. (Best viewed in Mozilla Firefox). Mostly Novell and Linux related." NetWare content frequently shows up.

SysAdmin1138 "Tribulations of an achedemic systems (NetWare and Windows) admin. State secrets will be kept out of here, and names where possible obscured. The knowledgeable may figure it out." A University system-administrator with a large NetWare installation.

Diary of a ZEN Master Ex-Novell Consultant talks IT Management and life as a Novell customer.

Novell Cool Blogs written by key Novell personnel who are responsible for creating, supporting, and marketing Novell's products.

GWCheck.log a GroupWise blog by GWCheck.com, Gert's GroupWise only website, since 2002.

GWAVA Nation Blog GWAVA Nation is a brand-new web community devoted to helping you get the most out of your investment in GWAVA products.

Planet iFolder was set up by Seb Payne and is maintained by the iFolder community. It brings together a number of iFolder related blogs.

IDMboy's Blog, it's all about Identity Manager.

MrNovell.com, the blog of Brian Scott, Network Consultant and SUSE Linux enthusiast.

Official Novell Blogs

Novell Chief Marketing Officer, John Dragoon John Dragoon serves as Novell's senior vice president and chief marketing officer. He is responsible for all aspects of Novell's marketing strategy and activities worldwide.

Novell Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Jeff Jaffe Dr. Jeff Jaffe serves as the executive vice president and chief technology officer for Novell. He is responsible for Novell's technology direction, as well as leading Novell's product business units.

Novell Open PR gives Novell watchers information about what's happening in the company that might not make the cut for a press release, but is still of interest to the market and Novell's customers.

View from Around the World, Ross Chevalier offers his take on the global market.

Cool Blogs provides a place where Novell technology enthusiasts can interact with some of Novell's best and brightest people and the various areas of Novell technology that they lead.

Mailing Lists

Where to find mailing lists that you might want to subscribe to, these links lead to over 69 lists!

SUSE Linux mailing lists
Novell subscription central
Novell NTTP Mailing List The Novell Technology Transfer Partners (TTP) is an international group of loyal Novell higher education customers that share information with each other and Novell. Membership is restricted, you can read more about it here.

Main Novell Links

Links to official Novell web-pages, some of which you may not have known about!

Novell UK: United Kingdom
Connection Magazine
Cool Solutions
Customer Care
Hula Project
Mono Project
Novell Linux Users International
Novell Merchandise
Novell Users International
Open Audio
Open Suse
OpenSUSE Education
Shop Novell
Suse Linux Portal
Users '

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Keep up-to-date on the latest threats.

CERT Coordination Center
Packet Storm

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