What is a Master Certified Novell Engineer?

Novell's Master CNEs are the industry's leading Integration specialists. This certification is recognized as the highest level of technical certification you can achieve in the IT industry. As a Master CNE, you have advanced skills required to provide solutions to complex networking problems that may span across several different platforms and product solutions. Master CNEs are on the cutting edge of emerging technologies, and are able to act as integration consultants to maximize your networking investments.

Your Master CNE training allows you to demonstrate your proficiency in several skill sets and applications. All Master CNEs possess in-depth knowledge of design and implementation, network infrastructure and network management. Depending on the electives you choose, you are skilled in various technologies, including the internet, eDirectory integration with NT and Windows 2000, GroupWise, BorderManager, etc.

As a Master CNE you will provide your customers with support beyond the CNE level...

Your Master CNE certification gives you the skills needed to answer questions and solve problems that allow you to keep your customers' complex networks running smoothly by using advanced networking skills.


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