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Components of the X.500 Directory

Service Location Protocol (SLP) Notes Novell ResourcesServices in SLP
Novell ResourcesDifferences Between SLP v1 & SLP v2
Novell ResourcesSLP Components
Novell ResourcesSLP Objects
Novell ResourcesCommunication Between Scopes
Novell ResourcesSLP Parameters Via DHCP
Novell ResourcesSLP Config Files
Novell ResourcesService Filtering
Novell ResourcesMinimise eDirectory traffic due to SLP updates
Novell ResourcesWindows 2000 SLP Modes
Novell ResourcesSLP Proxies
Novell ResourcesSLP Filters

Network Time Protocol Notes
Novell ResourcesNetware time servers
Novell ResourcesNetware time & NTP
Novell ResourcesNetware Time Service (TIMESYNC)
Novell ResourcesWindows Time Service (W32Time)
Novell ResourcesLinux NTP Daemon (ntpd)

eDirectory Design Notes
Novell ResourcesPartitioning & Replication
Novell ResourcesPartitioning Rules
Novell ResourcesExternal References
Novell ResourcesBack Links
Novell ResourcesTree Walking
Novell ResourcesDesign Project Roles
Novell ResourcesDesign Phases
Novell ResourcesNeeds Analysis
Novell ResourcesDesign Tree Structure
Novell ResourcesNaming Standards Documents

eDirectory Troubleshooting Notes
Novell ResourcesIdentify the scope of the problem
Novell ResourcesDetermine the cause of the problem
Novell ResourcesList possible solutions to the problem
Novell ResourcesAssess possible solutions
Novell ResourcesImplement a solution
Novell ResourcesVerify that the problem is resolved
Novell ResourcesDocument the resolution to the problem
Novell ResourcesAvoid repeating the problem

Resolving eDirectory Issues Notes
Novell ResourcesUse iMonitor to Resolve eDirectory Issues
Novell ResourcesUse iManager to Resolve eDirectory Issues
Novell ResourcesUse eMBox to Resolve eDirectory Issues
Novell ResourcesUse eMTool to Repair a Database
Novell ResourcesUse DSTRACE to Resolve eDirectory Issues
Novell ResourcesUse DSREPAIR to Resolve eDirectory Issues

eDirectory Background Processes Notes
Novell ResourcesDescribe eDirectory Background Processes
Novell ResourcesTransitive Vector
Novell ResourcesLast Successful Sync
Novell ResourcesMaximum Ring Delta
Novell ResourcesReplica’s Perishable Data Delta
Novell ResourcesDescribe and Analyze the Limber Process
Novell ResourcesDescribe and Analyze the Schema Synchronization Process
Novell ResourcesDescribe and Analyze the External Reference Check Process
Novell ResourcesDescribe and Analyze the Obituary Process
Novell ResourcesDescribe and Analyze the Janitor Process
Novell ResourcesDescribe and Analyze the Purger Process

Perform an eDirectory Health Check

Disaster Planning and Recovery Issues
Novell ResourcesThe importance of Server Documentation
Novell ResourcesDatabase Dump
Novell ResourceseDirectory Backup and Restore eMTool
Novell ResourcesRoll Forward Logs
Novell ResourcesConfigure Backups
Novell ResourcesPerform Backups
Novell ResourcesPerform Restores
Novell ResourcesRestore Database
Novell ResourcesBackup and Restore Tips

Removing eDirectory Notes
Novell ResourcesRemove a Server from the Tree
Novell ResourcesUninstall eDirectory from Linux
Novell ResourcesUninstall eDirectory from Windows

Troubleshooting Communication Issues Notes
Novell ResourcesFiltering
Novell ResourcesIncreasing Ping Packet Size
Novell ResourcesTroubleshoot SLP Communication Issues

Troubleshooting Time Synchronization Issues Notes
Novell ResourcesNTP on Linux
Novell ResourcesNTP on Netware
Novell ResourcesInsane Time
Novell ResourcesHow Time Stamps Are Created
Novell ResourcesHow Synthetic Time Issues Occur
Novell ResourcesHow to Resolve Synthetic Time Issues
Novell ResourcesDeclaring a New Epoch

Troubleshooting Schema Synchronization Issues Notes

Troubleshoot and Solve Partition and Replica Consistency Issues
Novell ResourcesThe Replica List
Novell ResourcesTransitive Synchronization Process
Novell ResourcesReplica Transition States
Novell ResourcesReceive Updates from the Master Replica
Novell ResourcesSend Updates from a Replica
Novell ResourcesUnknown Objects

Troubleshooting eDirectory Performance Issues Notes
Novell ResourcesIdentify Common High-Utilization Problems
Novell ResourcesCompression Issues
Novell ResourceseDirectory Index
Novell ResourceseDirectory Cache
Novell ResourcesTroubleshoot Obituaries
Novell ResourcesObituary Process

Groupwise Notes
Novell ResourcesGroupwise Ports
Novell ResourcesCommand Line Parameters
Novell ResourcesPriority Levels
Novell ResourcesFile Paths
Novell ResourcesSMTP Error Handling
Novell ResourcesStartup Parameters
Novell ResourcesFile Locations
Novell ResourcesConfig Files
Novell ResourcesMoving Mailboxes Between Post Offices
Novell ResourcesMessage Delivery in the Local Post Office

BorderManager and Firewall Notes
Novell ResourcesTypes of Firewall
Novell ResourcesFirewall Technologies/OSI Model
Novell ResourcesICMP & Dynamic NAT
Novell ResourcesRouting
Novell ResourcesInstallation Parameter Settings
Novell ResourcesConfig & Log Files
Novell ResourcesCommon Filter Examples

CompTIA IT Project+ Notes
Novell ResourcesDomain I: Scope Definition
Novell ResourcesDomain II: Preliminary/Project Planning
Novell ResourcesDomain III: Project Execution
Novell ResourcesDomain IV: Project Closure

Project Team Roles

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